KegsRP – an XRPL NFT Project

This page is still under construction and subject to change.

What is KegsRP?

KegsRP is a pixel Art NFT Project that rewards holders.

Each Keg has a unique “Flavour Potential” stat which will make their brew more powerful in the daily brewing competition!

The Daily brewing competition results can be seen in our discord and more details can be found at

But XRPL does not support NFTs?!

Yet. Currently the frontrunner gaining a lot of momentum to implement something like this is proposal XLS-20d, read more here. Once the functionality talked about in the proposal is added to the XRPL ecosystem we will be able to deploy NFTs.

As for the KegsRP NFTs them selves, well you can see some of the Artwork scattered throughout this website.

The cost of 1 KegsRP NFT – will be 250 KegsRP (Token form), the details on the IOU renewal/minting process will be finalised closer to XLS-20 release. We do not intend on minting and providing this opportunity on day 1 of XLS-20 to ensure there are a few days of healthy network activity before minting approximately 4,000 Kegs!



The Top of the Barrel

An initial offering of 35% (350000) will be put on Pre-sale at 0.02XRP per Token. The funds raised from this will be distributed between Marketing, Development, Tax requirements & paying transaction fees for the reward part of the token.

The Faucet

50% of the Supply will be airdropped or given away to community members. The date and method of our main AirDrop will be communicated via Discord and Twitter.

10% will be be kept in reserve for the Discord game and Holder rewards (discussed below)

The Dregs

5% of the Supply will be kept by the team as a their personal wallet for Minting NFTs when they are available as well as payment for services.

The NFT Kegs will comprise of different attributes such as; barrel colour, binding colour, background colour, holes, taps, leaks and aged wood to name a few..